Payal Salsburg Speaks on Technology Continuity for Post-Pandemic Legal Proceedings

Payal Salsburg joins an upcoming Boston Bar Association virtual panel discussion entitled: “Restrictions are Loosening. What Will Your Depositions, Arbitrations and Trials Look Like?” on Thursday, June 10th from 1-2pm.

Payal joins Judge Maynard M. Kirpalani of the Norfolk County Superior Court, as well as O’Brien & Levine’s Deb Curran and Kenny Zais for this forward-looking presentation. The group will discuss a range of topics related to both in-person and remote proceedings as courts across the Commonwealth evaluate resuming pre-pandemic procedures for litigation matters. The panel will talk about the kinds of questions lawyers should ask their court reporters, as well as the court’s expectations of, and advice for, litigators as they navigate this transitional time. The panelists will also share practical technology solutions, procedures for in-person and remote proceedings, as well as the pitfalls to avoid during proceedings in the future, whether entirely remote or hybrid.