Payal Salsburg Presents at BBA’s Women Of Color Attorneys Leadership Forum Roundtable Discussion

Payal Salsburg facilitates discussion at the BBA’s Women of Color Attorneys Leadership Forum at a program entitled, “Setting Boundaries as Legal Professionals at Work and at Home: Preserving our Mental Health while Advancing our Goals.

The Forum holds monthly informal roundtable discussions about issues impacting the careers and professional development for women attorneys of color.

As legal professionals, women often struggle to balance the desire to be reliable colleagues, leaders in the field, and valuable team players with the responsibilities of taking care of themselves and their loved ones. In this roundtable, hear from legal professionals who employ boundaries to achieve a healthier work-life balance while advancing their professional and personal goals. Come explore ideas for success in a group discussion setting.

Jessica Conklin Presents Title IX Program

Jessica Conklin presents as a panelist for a March MCLE New England program entitled “Emerging Issues in Title IX Compliance, Investigations and Litigation.”  Jessica and her fellow presenters share insights on the many facets of sexual misconduct cases on campus. The program will cover assisting colleges and universities in developing and executing campus policies and processes, gathering evidence and preparing for an investigator interview, investigating claims of sexual misconduct in a fair and impartial manner, navigating the “live hearing” and other technical requirements of the regulations, and responding to charges filed with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR). The panel also addresses the latest court opinions addressing legal challenges to student disciplinary proceedings. If your practice involves any Title IX issue or question, this is one seminar you should not miss.


Payal Salsburg quoted in Bloomberg Law Article on Massachusetts Simplified Anti-SLAPP Protocol for Retaliatory Suits

Bloomberg Law turned to our partner Payal Salsburg as a resource regarding the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court’s latest overhaul of the process for defeating a retaliatory lawsuit.

The justices revised a process for dismissing cases under the state’s anti-SLAPP law, a law meant to create a quick pathway for courts to throw out meritless lawsuits.

Payal comments on the new framework as “a welcome return to the legislature’s original intent with the law.” She continues, “it was only supposed to be for those very rare, narrow cases where there was no doubt whatsoever that the lawsuit has been brought because you exercised your petitioning activity and solely because of that.”

To read the entire article: Lawyers Hail New Massachusetts Retaliatory Suit Protocol

Payal Salsburg Appointed to SJC Standing Committee on Lawyer Well-Being

Payal Salsburg was appointed by the Justices of the Supreme Judicial Court to serve a three year term on the Standing Committee on Lawyer Well-Being. Established in January 2020, the committee plans and oversees efforts to enhance the well-being of lawyers, judges, and law students in the Commonwealth. They also implement recommendations made in the original SJC Steering Committee on Lawyer Well-Being report, which was submitted to the SJC in July 2019. The firm proudly supports Payal and the entire committee in their work to support wellness across our collective profession.

Laredo & Smith Attorneys Recognized as 2023 “Top Lawyers” by Boston Magazine

Laredo & Smith announces that three of the firm’s attorneys are recognized as 2023 “Top Lawyers” by Boston Magazine. The publication honors 979 of the region’s Top Lawyers in their December 2023 issue. Included from the firm are:

This is the third year that Boston Magazine recognizes the region’s most respected attorneys. To compile the list of top lawyers, Boston Magazine invited attorneys in the area to nominate up to three of their peers in a select number of specialties. The top vote-getters in each specialty were then reviewed by an advisory board of select lawyers, chosen for their credentials and the high number of votes they received.

Darshana Indira Presented at Practicing with Professionalism Virtual Program for New Massachusetts Attorneys

Darshana Indira presented as a panelist for the recent “Practicing with Professionalism” program through the Boston Bar Association. This programming is provided for new attorneys in Massachusetts. Darshana and her panelists hail from different practice areas, practice settings and experiences. They shared important information about the attributes of reputable attorneys and also addressed how to respond to the pressure of practicing law.  The program covered building reputations, managing relationships, connecting within the legal community, and maintaining personal well-being.

The Rights to Assembly and Free Speech Prevail Over Civility in Public Forums Barron v. Kolenda, 491 Mass. 408 (2023)

Which is more important – the rights to assembly and free speech or civility?  That question was the subject of Marc Laredo’s Case Comment in the November 2023 edition of the Massachusetts Law Review on the Supreme Judicial Court’s (SJC) recent decision in Barron v. Kolenda.  In his Case Comment, Marc reviews the SJC’s ruling that the rights to assembly and free speech must prevail and examines its implications for public officials and residents throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

To read Marc’s thoughts, please turn to page 79 of this month’s Massachusetts Law Review.


The Wedding is Off, and Who is at Fault? Let the Court Decide!

In the case of a broken engagement, who gets to keep the rings? This was the question the Massachusetts Appeals Court recently addressed in Johnson v. Settino, 103 Mass. App. Ct. 291 (2023).

In Johnson, the plaintiff had given his fiancé a $70,000 engagement ring and purchased two wedding bands. After he broke off the engagement, and his now ex-fiancé refused to return the rings, he filed a lawsuit to get them back.

Fall 2023 Newsletter

Laredo & Smith Named to 2024 Edition of Best Law Firms

Laredo & Smith is pleased to be named to the 2024 edition of “Best Law Firms” in the following categories:

  • National Tier 3 firm for Commercial Litigation
  • Metropolitan Tier 1 firm in Boston for Closely Held Companies and Family Business Law, Commercial Litigation, and Criminal Defense-White Collar.
  • Metropolitan Tier 2 firm in Boston for Employment Law-Management

Laredo & Smith is proud to be highly ranked in this year’s publication. Firms included in the “Best Law Firms” rankings are recognized for professional excellence and have impressive ratings from clients and peers. The Best Lawyers “Best Law Firms” rankings are based on client and lawyer evaluations, peer review from leading attorneys in their field, and review of additional information provided by law firms as part of the formal submission process.


Payal Salsburg Featured in The Magazine of Saint Elizabeth University

Saint Elizabeth University ran a featured article about alumna and Laredo & Smith Partner, Payal Salsburg in a recent edition of the school’s magazine.

In the article, Payal talks about her journey from when she arrived in the United States from India to her work as a lawyer. She shares important insights about helping people who may not be able to obtain legal representation on their own. Sharing her thoughts about how her support as a pro bono lawyer can impact others and how her undergraduate experience helped shape who she is today, Payal tells us “being a student of Saint Elizabeth was a critical part of my development. To be in an environment that supported and nourished my need to serve others and to help me find ways to do that was really instrumental and made me realize those were my values too.”