Payal Salsburg Moderates Panel for Well-Being Week in Law

Payal Salsburg is moderating a program entitled, “Realizing Your True Potential: An Evening with The Performance Whisperer, George Mumford, and Local Attorneys” on May 9, 2024. Following the keynote address, Payal will moderate a panel discussion among lawyers and lawyer-athletes, including Stacey Best, Amanda Rowan, Kelly Cooke, Tasha Marshall, Wendy Tamis Robbins, and Geoffrey Spofford.

The Standing Committee on Lawyer Well-Being joins the Institute for Well-Being in Law to celebrate Well-Being Week in Law, May 6-10, as part of Mental Health Awareness Month in May.

This program features George Mumford, a.k.a. The Performance Whisperer, a globally recognized speaker, teacher, person in long-term recovery, and pioneer in sports psychology and performance. George shares strategies that utilize mindfulness, self-regulation, and self-awareness for those who work in high stress environments, including the practice of law. George will help participants to understand how unlocking these strategies can impact performance and happiness in the profession.

Darshana Indira Moderates BBA Panel on Balancing Personal Health with a Law Practice

Darshana Indira is moderating a May 7, 2024 panel discussion at the Boston Bar Association entitled, “Balancing Acts: Personal Health and Parenthood in Practice.”

In this program, four accomplished attorneys will share personal journeys and strategies for balancing demanding legal careers amidst significant life challenges. Panelists will discuss managing their professional responsibilities while overcoming personal health obstacles, in addition to sharing candid reflections on their journeys through family planning, providing invaluable insights, and how to maintain personal health and parenthood with their legal careers.

Darshana Indira Presents at University of Massachusetts Law Program

Darshana Indira was a panelist for an April 2024 University of Massachusetts Law program entitled, “Bias, Barriers, and Belonging: An Evening With Attorneys in Practice.” The panel discussion covered bias in practice, navigating barriers in the profession, creating space to diversify the profession, and why DEI is imperative for all law schools.

Payal Salsburg Presents at BBA’s Women Of Color Attorneys Leadership Forum Roundtable Discussion

Payal Salsburg facilitates discussion at the BBA’s Women of Color Attorneys Leadership Forum at a program entitled, “Setting Boundaries as Legal Professionals at Work and at Home: Preserving our Mental Health while Advancing our Goals.

The Forum holds monthly informal roundtable discussions about issues impacting the careers and professional development for women attorneys of color.

As legal professionals, women often struggle to balance the desire to be reliable colleagues, leaders in the field, and valuable team players with the responsibilities of taking care of themselves and their loved ones. In this roundtable, hear from legal professionals who employ boundaries to achieve a healthier work-life balance while advancing their professional and personal goals. Come explore ideas for success in a group discussion setting.

Jessica Conklin Presents Title IX Program

Jessica Conklin presents as a panelist for a March MCLE New England program entitled “Emerging Issues in Title IX Compliance, Investigations and Litigation.”  Jessica and her fellow presenters share insights on the many facets of sexual misconduct cases on campus. The program will cover assisting colleges and universities in developing and executing campus policies and processes, gathering evidence and preparing for an investigator interview, investigating claims of sexual misconduct in a fair and impartial manner, navigating the “live hearing” and other technical requirements of the regulations, and responding to charges filed with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR). The panel also addresses the latest court opinions addressing legal challenges to student disciplinary proceedings. If your practice involves any Title IX issue or question, this is one seminar you should not miss.


Darshana Indira Speaks at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Law School Seminar

Darshana Indira was a featured speaker at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Law School’s Field Placement Seminar on September 12th. UMass Dartmouth law Professor Rontear Pendleton invited Darshana to speak about Imposter Syndrome in the legal field. She shared her experiences and advice with students as they explore practicing law in various settings. The goal of the class is to foster a smooth transition from the law school environment into the professional workplace.

Darshana Indira Speaks At Northeastern University Law School Orientation

Darshana Indira is a featured guest speaker at Northeastern University’s law school orientation. She is participating in a program entitled “A Positive Future for Attorney Well-Being” which covers the importance of mental health and well being through law school and the legal profession.

This important program is geared at destigmatizing help-seeking behavior and educating students on the central concepts underlying well-being. Darshana shares personal stories and support for navigating stress and adversity resulting from bias, discrimination, or racism.

Payal Salsburg Speaks At Boston University Law School Orientation

Payal Salsburg is a guest speaker at Boston University’s law school orientation in August 2023.  The program covers the importance of mental health, well being, and being centered through law school and the legal profession. Delivering her personal account to first year law students at BU, she will talk about taking care of personal mental health and wellbeing while attending law school and during their careers.

Payal Salsburg Is Featured Speaker at Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers Annual Dinner

Our Partner Payal Salsburg is a featured speaker at the upcoming Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers’   James A. Brink Annual Dinner. Payal will share personal reflections in recovering from depression and anxiety after taking time away from practicing law. Her inspirational story is aimed at helping anyone struggling from stigma and encouraging attorneys of color to embrace self-care.

A non-profit organization, LCL is the sole lawyer assistance program in Massachusetts exclusively dedicated to helping with the many personal and professional challenges of life in the legal profession. The 2023 dinner takes place at the Harvard Club of Boston on Thursday, September 21st from 6-9pm.

Please consider reaching out for more information, making a donation, or attending this wonderful event.

Matt Kane Moderates Boston Bar Association’s Business Litigation Session Year in Review

Matt Kane  moderated a CLE program for the Boston Bar Association, “Business Litigation Session Year in Review,” in June 2023. This is the signature annual event of the BBA’s Business and Commercial Litigation Section, where Matt serves as a member of the section steering committee. In this educational and insightful program, Matt helped to guide judges from the Massachusetts Superior Court’s Business Litigation Session (“BLS”) through a lively discussion of important BLS decisions from the past year. The event was an invaluable opportunity for our business litigators to meet and familiarize themselves with the Commonwealth’s BLS judges, and to educate themselves about the current trends and significant legal devlopments at the BLS.