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What CPAs Need to Know About Shareholder Duties in Closely-Held Corporations in Massachusetts

By Marc. C. Laredo CPAs need to understand the rights and obligations that shareholders of closely-held businesses in Massachusetts owe to one another. CPAs also play a critical role in helping shareholders craft agreements and resolve disagreements among themselves. This article provides an overview of the legal framework in which closely-held corporations in Massachusetts function, […]

Shareholder Duties and Disputes in Closely-Held Corporations in Massachusetts

By Marc C. Laredo Over thirty years ago, the Supreme Judicial Court issued its landmark ruling in Donahue v. Rodd Electrotype Co. of New England, Inc. in which it established standards for the governance of closely held corporations in Massachusetts and held that each shareholder in a closely-held corporation owes a fiduciary duty to other […]

Supplement: The Attorney-Client Privilege in the Business Context in Massachusetts

By Marc C. Laredo The attorney-client privilege protects confidential communications — between a client or prospective client and an attorney — made for the primary purpose of obtaining legal advice or assistance. This is an update to the previously published article by Marc Laredo on attorney-client privilege in the business context in Massachusetts. View Article […]

An Overview Of Massachusetts Trade Secret Law

By Marc C. Laredo Virtually all business entities have information that they consider proprietary and confidential. Whether such information is truly a trade secret whose use by others can be limited or barred depends on a number of factors, including the nature of the information sought to be protected and the measures taken to preserve […]