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How New Trade Secret Legilation Impacts Pharma Compliance Programs

By Jose P. Sierra Two enacted criminal statutes have raised the stakes not only for individuals and corporations that misapporpriate another company’s trade secrets, but also for the companies responsible for safeguarding those trade secrets from theft. For the legal, human resources, and complaince departments of a pharmaceutical company, these statutes create both risks and […]

Smith Co-Chairs Boston Bar CLE Course

Partner Mark Smith co-chaired and spoke at the Boston Bar Association Continuing Legal Education course “Recent Developments in the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and Public Corruption and Government Prosecution,” held February 12, 2013. He also moderated the panel on Public Corruption and Fraud Prosecutions, which included discussion on the new emphasis on prosecuting public corruption […]

Caronia and the ‘New’ 1st Amendment Safe Harbor

By Jose P. Sierra The Second Circuit decision vacating Alfred Caronia’s criminal misbranding conviction on free speech grounds has been hailed as a landmark First Amendment case and a victory for the pharmaceutical company. Although lawyers and commentators have been arguing since the 1990s that off-label promotion (at least when accurate and non misleading) deserves […]

What CPAs Need to Know About Shareholder Duties in Closely-Held Corporations in Massachusetts

By Marc. C. Laredo CPAs need to understand the rights and obligations that shareholders of closely-held businesses in Massachusetts owe to one another. CPAs also play a critical role in helping shareholders craft agreements and resolve disagreements among themselves. This article provides an overview of the legal framework in which closely-held corporations in Massachusetts function, […]

Chapter 93 A and Post-Employment Conduct

By Marc C. Laredo The Massachusetts Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices Act (Chapter 93A) does not apply to disputes between employers and employees or among members of the same legal entity. It is far less clear as t whether and when a Chapter 93A claim will survive when it concerns conduct or events that occur […]